The University of Salamanca

Before I arrived in Spain, I knew I would be taking three classes at the university, but on the first day of classes we had to take a placement test.  Some students ended up moving to different levels than they originally placed after being in their classes for a few days.

The University of Salamanca, has the most beautiful campus I have ever seen.  Since the University is so old (it was founded in 1134 and given the Royal chart of foundation by King Alfonso IX in 1218; it is the oldest founded university in Spain and the fourth oldest European university in continuous operation), its campus is basically infused in the city’s structure.

The Plaza Mayor


The facade of the university

The first few weeks it was very hard to navigate to my classes because all of the buildings were the same color and built in the same style, but once you really looked at them, they were each so unique that I established landmarks.

The three classes I took were Women in Spain, Literature of Spain, and Grammar.  The class sizes were no larger than 15 students and the instructors were amazing; it was obvious that they loved teaching and were passionate about the subjects they taught.  My favorite class was the Women in Spain.  In this class, we learned about the lives of women in Spain and did a lot of comparisons to the lives of women in the U.S.  Women’s rights came much later in Spain than in the U.S. and today they are still struggling to be established as equal.  However, our instructor thought it was insane that women in the U.S. took their husbands last name because she saw it as a woman becoming the property of the man.  Every single day in these classes I not only learned a lot about the Spanish language, but learned how amazingly different two cultures can be.


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