Fun things to do in Spain

1.  The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca

Every night the lights in the Plaza come on and it’s a beautiful sight.  There are cafes and shops surrounding the plaza and most major events are hosted there.  The first week I was there, there was a series of events including a concert, dancers performing, and a trapeze act.

2.  Eating Chocolate con Churros

This dessert is basically the Spanish version of a donut that comes along with rich chocolate.  A thing I liked to do was order a side of milk so that after you finished the churros, you could add the milk to the chocolate and have hot chocolate.

3.  Eating Helado

This is Spanish ice cream and I ate it every day.  It is yummy.

4.  Go to a bull fight

Stadium in Salamanca

I personally never watched the actual bull fight because I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but some friends I met there went and thought it was great.  However, you can get a tour of the stadiums which was fun.  I went to the Plaza de Toros in Málaga, which is the oldest operational stadium in Spain.

Plaza de Toros

5.  Make Paella

This is a very popular Spanish dish that is very delicious, so we decided to try making it on our own; our version was even better.

6.  Visit Santander

This beach town is GORGEOUS and there are many cute little shops.  This is the hotel that we stayed (although I cannot remember the name of it).

7.  Visit the palaces

Palacio Real in Madrid (The current Palace)


Palacio Alcázar in Segovia – Walt Disney’s inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle (supposedly)

8.  Visit unique churches


Iglesia de Santa María in Wamba

This church was so special because it contained an Ossuary of more than 3,000 skulls of monks.


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