Choosing a Program

If I could give anyone advice about college, I would tell them they MUST study abroad.  It is something I always knew I wanted to do and it was such a great experience.  Many students seem skeptical about studying abroad because it is intimidating to leave the country and they assume it is a long hard process to go through, so here are some easy steps to choosing the program that is right for you.


The staff members at the study abroad office are more than eager to help you find a program that is right for you.  I actually found out about my specific program in my Spanish class because the professor was leading the trip to Spain personally.  However, there was so much more information that I needed to know.

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There are many options for when someone can study abroad including the week over spring break, winter intersession, summer intersession, and a full semester.  To figure out which one was right for me, I spoke to my adviser. I am a double major (Public Relations and Spanish) and wanted to graduate in under four years, so I knew I would need to take summer classes. With the course schedule offered for my Public Relations degree, it made more sense for me to spend a summer taking Spanish classes, so I decided to study abroad in Summer 2010.


For me, the decision to go to Salamanca, Spain was an easy one.  It was a faculty led program that included one month of classes (where I earned 9 credit hours) and then traveled the country for two weeks.  There were 18 other K-State students that also went on the trip.  This program was perfect for me because I wanted to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and the professor who led the trip was from there, so he was able to teach us things we never would have learned otherwise.  I was skeptical about the amount of freedom I would have being apart of a faculty-led program, but it ended up being better than I could have ever expected.  There was about one group activity per week that I was in school, but the rest of the time I was a typical student at the university.  Having the professor there, however, was so helpful.  He helped us find the right classes that would transfer back to K-State, he was available for any emergencies (a girl in my group had to go the emergency room), and he explained many aspects of the culture that I wouldn’t have understood otherwise.

All in all, going to the study abroad office is the best thing you can do to get your trip under way.


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